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PHOEBE Biography

Phoebe is a Spotted GoldenPhoebe Agouti (A* C* E* G* P* Sp), born- c. May 24, 2002, in NYC. Resided in Petland, 137 W. 72 St. NYC.

Gave birth in Petland (father, Pan, now owned by Karen Biehl [AGS], of NYC) to four sons, Saturn and Samhein (owned by Soledad Haren, of NYC) and Bacchus and Dionysius (owned by Judith and Stuart Block [AGS], of Riverdale, Bronx, NY), and to a daughter (sold Oct. 2002).

Purchased by Judith H. Block (Nov. 1, 2002), and became a member of Knolls Gerbils (American Gerbil Society).

Became a founding member of Gerbil Patriots for Peace (Feb. 2003).

Won a red ribbon (2nd place) in the Spotted Class of the American Gerbil Society’s 2003 Virtual Show (April 2003).

Gerbils in love with her: Max, Michael, and Ralf (owned by Arnold Biondi [AGS], of Enfield, Connecticut) and Rodizio (owned by Laura Pimás [AGS], of Buenos Aires, Argentina. And of course, Pan, the father of her children.

Photograph published in column on gerbils in “Animal House,” New York Newsday (May 13, 2003) column by Denise Flaim.

Articles published about her AGS Award and her life, in The Riverdale Press, by Joe Ryan, (May 22, 2003); The Riverdale Review (May 29, 2003), article by Marilyn Reinhardt; and the Telegraph, Nashua, New Hampshire & Region (June 29, 2003), by Susan L. Childress.

Began her career as a sculptor, May 2003.
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